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Please provide associate member names and mailing addresses (if different than above). Associate members are individuals within your company/organization who, in addition to the Main Contact, will receive all print and electronic communications from the Chamber. The annual dues amount for an Associate member is $60.
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Additional contacts can be established at your organization for no additional fee. These individuals will receive electronic communications only from the Chamber.
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All membership applications submitted should be accompanied by your first calendar year investment payment. New membership applications must be approved by the Chamber President and Vice President before being finalized. Contributions, gifts, and dues to the Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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ASSETS FEE - Total Shelby County deposits times $15.00 per million.


PRORATED FEE - If joining during a membership year, divide the total payment by 12 and multiply by the number of months remaining in the year. Membership year runs January to December.

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